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Providing Creative Solutions for Over 26 Years

CAS Branding Solutions, a distinguished Los Angeles Creative Design Agency, has been a beacon of innovation and expertise in the design and branding industry since 1997. With over 20 years of experience, our independently-owned agency specializes in comprehensive brand development, offering a suite of services that includes custom packaging design, cutting-edge web development, effective marketing strategies, and compelling video solutions. Our dedication to creating beautiful, functional, and impactful designs extends across various industries, ranging from food services and pet products to entertainment and automotive sectors. At CAS Branding Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with both local and international clients, delivering tailored solutions that encompass everything from initial concept to final execution. Whether it's designing engaging websites, crafting unique packaging, building dynamic trade show booths, or producing informative brochures and catalogs, our team is committed to fostering beautiful, effective, and continuously evolving brands.

At CAS Branding Solutions, we recently embarked on an exciting collaboration with LyfeLyte, an innovative brand in the world of electrolyte sports drinks, renowned for their focus on exercise recovery and hydration. Our partnership aimed to revitalize the LyfeLyte brand, infusing it with a fresh, dynamic look and feel that resonates with today’s fitness enthusiasts. Leveraging our expertise in brand development and digital marketing, we meticulously crafted a strategy to elevate LyfeLyte's brand identity. This involved a comprehensive redesign, giving their packaging a vibrant and modern appeal that stands out on any shelf. Alongside this, our team at CAS Branding Solutions developed and launched LyfeLyte’s new website, ensuring a seamless and engaging online experience that reflects the brand’s commitment to health and performance. Our marketing efforts have been geared towards showcasing LyfeLyte's unique value proposition, effectively bringing their revitalized brand to the global stage, and connecting them with a wider audience of health-conscious consumers.

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